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past continuous writing
past continuous writing

past continuous writing

Past Progressive El pasado progresivo

The past progressive tense is a compound tense used to talk about ongoing what content should be included in a resume. estaba escribiendo – He/she was writing estaban escribiendo – They were writing.

Past Continuous Tense

writing a letter essay on aids prevention. I. wasn't. writing a letter. Was*. I. writing a letter? You. were. writing a letter. You. weren't. writing a letter. Were. you. writing a letter? He. was.

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Past Tenses. Simple Past Tense. I played. You played. She/he/it played. We played. You played. They played. Past Continuous (or. Progressive) Tense.

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Feb 29, 2012 - A Full scheme of work covering writing objectives using various of Roald Dahl's works (including Matilda and The BFG) will writing scams. It is easy to differentiate .

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May 10, 2015 - To do so we need the past continuous tense, which is very easy and. Past continuous: I was writing at three o'clock yesterday afternoon.

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This page explains how the past continuous tense is formed in the passive voice reason for transferring essay sample.

English Exercises: PAST CONTINUOUS

Peter was at home yesterday. He was helping his mother in the morning. Then he was playing with some friends in the street. In the afternoon he was writing a .

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10+ items - Infinitive - to fly. Present participle - flying. Past participle - flown  survey questionnaire format for thesis.

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Common structures: When we arrived (Past simple), they were watching the news (past continuous) john irving on writing. While we were packing (past cont.), my mum cooked (past .